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11-Sep-2014 13:55

The law also permits insurers to limit coverage to a lifetime maximum of ,000.

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And without wading too far into the political waters, it is important to first differentiate between collision and liability insurance.Some additional limitations apply: Individuals seeking coverage must disclose to their insurance carrier any prior infertility treatments for which they received coverage under a different insurance policy.Religious employers are permitted to exclude coverage for treatments that are contrary to their bona fide religious tenets.This law requires all health insurers that cover maternity benefits to cover the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) Health maintenance organizations, commonly called HMOs, are exempt from the law.

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Patients need to meet the following conditions in order to get their IVF covered: The IVF benefits are subject to the same deductibles and co-insurance payments as maternity benefits.

And, again, without getting too deep into the debate surrounding American health care coverage, the thinking is that health insurance is for one’s self and one’s family, i.e. It’s therefore analogous to collision insurance, which is not in fact mandated by the federal government.