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10-Nov-2014 12:47

The orders are in place until they are changed by the court or superseded by the final divorce decree.

Sometimes temporary orders remain in effect for a year or more when the couple has difficulty agreeing to the terms of the divorce.

A married couple might decide to pursue an agreed divorce when they can agree on every aspect of the settlement, including property division and a visitation schedule, if there are kids involved.

The parties decide all of these things on their own and then hire an attorney to draft the agreed-upon divorce decree.

Child support is determined almost entirely by a chart and formula that the Texas Legislature has established.

Generally, if you have two children for whom you are paying support, you will have to pay 25 percent of your net resources (that is gross income less some deductions for taxes and for union dues or health insurance costs for the children) for child support. In any proceeding in which child support payments are ordered, the court must order that income be withheld from the disposable earnings (out of their paychecks) of the person who is obliged to pay child support.

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If the judge determines that adultery was committed, you could end up with less in the divorce.

The courts also seem prone to require the parties to pay their own attorneys' fees.

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