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16-Oct-2015 05:21

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When two people of different races have a child together, how do they choose to identify the race of their child on census forms?

This was one of the topics explored by researchers at this year’s annual Population Association of America meeting. De La Cruz/Getty Images) The nation’s largest annual demography conference, held in Washington, D.

People did not break off interviews, for example, because they were upset about being asked about their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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The researchers said, however, that they did not find evidence that many unauthorized immigrants left an E-Verify state for another state.

C., last week, featured new research on topics including couples who live in separate homes, children of multiracial couples, transgender Americans, immigration law enforcement and how climate change affects migration.

Here is a roundup of five of the many innovative posters and papers from the Population Association of America meeting, some based on preliminary work.

As might be expected, most LATs said it was very unlikely, unlikely, or that they did not know whether they would marry; most other daters said it was very likely or likely they would marry their partner.

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“LAT relationships are gaining momentum among middle-aged and older adults who may have less to gain from cohabitation or marriage,” the researchers said.

In the past five years, 10 federal agencies have collected data about sexual orientation, and five about gender identity, but not all questions were worded the same, according to information gathered by a federal interagency working group.

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